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Best face oil EVER! I started using this product about 4 month ago. I can truly tell a difference in the texture of my skin. It is dewey fresh and appears taught...fine lines don't look so prominent...my pores are less noticeable..( and I'm 50 with sensitive skin!). The product itself goes on smooth and smells wonderful...Don't be scared that it is oil based...that is exactly what my skin haas been begging for! I have experienced no breakouts or any redness from using this Sweetwater Labs product...I've used used the vitamin serum as well and LOVE it too! I have been told by estheticians I need to moisturize more..this has done the trick!

Leslie G, Connecticut

Purely addictive. I've always had dry skin (I also have diabetes which makes your skin even dryer). Most lotions & creams won't have the lasting effect (nor the delightful scent and texture) that this miracle healing salve has. I'm in love! Thrilled to find something I can use for both body and face, something that is easy to carry with me without leaking in my bag, and something that is very affordable!

Red N, New York

My favorite clay mask ever. Really works on breakouts. I use it as overnight spot treatment too and helps heal and dry pimples out. There is some redness right after I take off mask that goes away after 15 minutes. Take this mask with me every time I travel.

Amy M, New York

I love all sweetwater products but this (rosewater mist) might be my fav. It smells so good and it's so refreshing. I'd bring this with me if i was traveling somewhere warm and spray it all day long.

Haley, Utah
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