New! Revive Glycolic Acid + Rosewater Face Mask. Gently exfoliates leaving skin radiant!

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Benefits of our Glycolic Mask:  
*Removes dead skin cells (they clog pores + give skin a "dull look") and reveals brighter, more even-toned skin without manual exfoliation
*Shrinks pores
*Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
*Helps reduce acne and acne scarring + hyperpigmentation
*Rosewater helps balance out skin's pH to calm and reduce inflammation
*Unlike many glycolic treatments at spas, our Glycolic Mask is gentle enough to use 2-3X per week
***For easy application, we recommend using the Silicone brush to apply. It is soft, gentle + gives an even application. Rinse clean= easy maintenance. Also feels like a spa treatment at home!
*Size: 2 oz / 59 mL

Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Rosewater, Aloe Gel, Gylcerin, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate (vegetable based rinsing agent / preservative booster), Preservative Eco.

Directions: Apply generously to face after washing. You will feel slight tingly (glycolic is working to exfoliate dead skin cells). APPLY thin layer overnight and your skin will be GLOWING + SMOOTHER next morning. For stronger result apply thin layer on face overnight. You may feel a slight tingle that should subside quickly. Our formula is gentle enough for overnight use. Apply Sweetwater Labs Rose Face Oil, Vitamin Face Serum or any light moisturizer.  For quick refresh apply mask + leave on for 20 minutes or until completely dry then rinse off.
Why I created this product: 
Bottom line, I LOVE glycolic acid. My skin looks and feels amazing after glycolic mask treatments at spas (usually I see results after a couple of days) but they can be harsh on my skin and EXPENSIVE. This product can be used at home and is so gentle that the mask can be used to 2-3X per week.  

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