New! All-Natural Hand Sanitizer (FOUR PACK) Kills germs + leaves skin hydrated!

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*Comes as a FOUR PACK so great value and useful variety of sizes: 3 oz bottle, 1 oz bottle, and travel size 10 ml, plus 10 ml phone sanitizer. Just need to spray lightly as a little goes a long way.

*100% natural ingredients

*HIGH pure alcohol content for strong efficacy (medical experts recommend 70%+ alcohol strength in order to be effective against bacteria, viruses + germs). Majority of natural hand sanitizers DO NOT have high enough alcohol %.  Our alcohol content is 85%. 

*NON-DRYING formula. Many hand sanitizers can dry out your hands which can lead to cracked skin and cause irritation + possible infection.   

*Most commercial/non-natural hand sanitizers contain artificial fragrances. Our hand sanitizer scent comes only from natural ingredients.   

*Sizes: 3 oz / 89 mL, 1 oz / 30 mL, 2 x 10 mL bottles.     

Ingredients: Natural Alcohol, Aloe Vera (certified organic), Lavender, Tea Tree and Grapeseed Oils. 

Directions: SHAKE WELL. Our ingredients are natural with no artificial preservatives (aloe is certified organic) + there maybe some small clumping of the solution from the high alcohol/aloe mixture. This is normal and the efficacy strength is still the same.      

Why we created this product: All the sanitizers we used dried out our skin (which could also be harmful as cracked dry skin is more prone to irritation/infections) + consistency was a gel that didn't feel great on skin. We wanted to create a sanitizer that was effective, evaporated quickly, didn't leave uncomfortable residue + didn't parch skin.                


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