Detox Clay mask. Purges toxins. Made from volcanic ash that binds to toxins and pulls from skin

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Binds to toxins and removes toxins from skin. Helps unclog, shrink pores and prevent overproduction of sebum (which encourages production of bacteria in skin). 

* Pure volcanic clay mask to detoxify, unclog, and shrink pores

* Made from medicinal aloe and mineral volcanic ash clay

*Effective in treating acne with regular use


* 100% organic   

Ingredients: Aloe and clay minerals (iron, sodium, potassium and magnesium) formed from volcanic ash clay with negative charge.

Directions: Spread thin layer onto clean face and allow to completely dry. Use mask weekly for maintenance. For more acne prone skin use 2-3X per week. EFFECTIVE OVERNIGHT SPOT TREATMENT.  May notice some redness for 15-20 minutes post mask that will subside. Mask should last about 3 months but can be kept in fridge to extend life.   

Why I created this: I love clay masks. They purge impurities from the skin and exfoliate. The problem was I also wanted a clay mask to also address acne. I found none of them quite did the job. I created this mask after doing a long search for natural clays that was also very effective in clearing acne. I use this mask weekly objectively think its the best clay mask out there. I personally have seen the improvement in people's complexion after regular use.   

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