complete vitamin serum. anti-aging. antioxidant. hydrating. food for your skin.

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*Only complete vitamin serum on market combining two types of hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, vitamins e + c, almond and jojobo oil, propolis and pure aloe.  


*Packed with antioxidants 

*Improves texture of skin 


*Healing post sun treatment  

Made with hylauronic acid (moisture binding ingredient) which the body loses as we age, vitamin C, pure aloe, jojobo oil, vitamin e for anti-aging and antioxidant properties, propolis for healing. Reduces sun damage, promotes collagen and evens tone.      

Why I created this product: I wanted one formula in my routine= vitamin c serum (for brightening + solution to hyper pigmentation+ natural anti oxidant), hyaluronic acid (retaining moisture/boosting collagen) + natural healing oils (moisturizers that soaked in and repaired tissue). I didn't want 3-4 separate bottles...I don't have the time. There was nothing on market that had everything I wanted (on top of the fact other vitamin c serums irritated my skin) so I created this formula to address all my needs in one serum.  

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