Vitamin Face Serum. Anti-aging, Antioxidant. Hydrating. Food for your skin

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*Only complete vitamin face serum on market combining hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, vitamins E + C, squalane, almond and jojobo oil, propolis, pure aloe, leucidal and lavender oil.  


*Packed with antioxidants 

*Improves texture of skin 


*Healing post sun treatment

*Size: 1 oz / 30 mL

Almost all other vitamin C serums contain ascorbic acid version of vitamin C, which has limited availability to help prevent free radicals (free radicals speed up break down on skin structure), is very acidic, which can irritate skin and also breaks down rapidly so it loses potency quickly. Our serum contains vitamin C ester (powerful molecule in fight against skin aging), a much more stable compound (ie. it doesn't break down fast), is less irritating to skin and maintains potency over a longer period of time. This ingredient can be absorbed into skin much easier than ascorbic acid version=skin reaps more benefits of the vitamin C. Vitamin C Ester is about as close as you can get to a perfect "skin vitamin." 

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid (moisture binding ingredient which the body loses as we age), vitamin C, squalane (antioxidant, seals moisture and helps with acne and ezcema) pure aloe, jojobo oil, vitamin E (for anti-aging and antioxidant properties), propolis for healing, lavender oil to calm skin and leucidal (a natural preservative to extend life of organic products). Reduces sun damage, promotes collagen and evens tone.

Directions: Use 1-3 drops of serum after washing face morning and night. Can be combined with our Rose Face Oil for extra hydration.  Formula lasts about 3 months but can extend life if kept in fridge. Solution may get watery over time but does not affect the efficacy of the serum. 

Why I created this product: I wanted one formula in my routine= vitamin C serum (for brightening + solution to hyper pigmentation+ natural anti oxidant, retaining moisture/boosting collagen) + natural healing oils (moisturizers that soaked in and repaired tissue). I didn't want 3-4 separate bottles...I don't have the time. There was nothing on market that had everything I wanted (on top of the fact other vitamin C serums irritated my skin) so I created this formula to address all my needs in one serum.  

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