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The Glow Routine Pack. Brighten + Nourish. Great for all skin types

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Simple routine for smooth, glowing skin. Great for all skin types. 


1) Glycolic Scrub Wash (2 oz) = Gentle yet effective daily face cleanser with environmentally friendly scrubbing beads to gently remove dirt, grime and oil from face. Natural glycolic acid to keep skin smooth and clear. Use quarter size portion and gently cleanse face morning and night. 

2) Glow AHA toner (1 oz) = After washing face, spray toner onto cotton ball/pad swipe face. This removes any excess dirt + oil from face while AHA fruit acid + seaweed get to work to open pores + nourish with tons of minerals + nutrients.

3) Vitamin Face Serum/Rose Face Oil (0.5 oz)  = After toning face use 1/2 dropper full of Vitamin Face Serum or 1-2 drops of Rose Face Oil to hydrate. 

WEEKLY (or as often as 2-3X per week) 

Rosewater + Glycolic Mask (1 oz ) = Unlike most glycolic masks this mask is extremely gentle and able to used overnight. DO NOT WASH OFF. You may feel a slight tingle on face  after application. Leave after night routine, apply thin layer of mask and leave on overnight. Rinse off in morning + to reveal the most refreshed smooth skin ever. Then go to normal daily cleansing routine.  

For quick refresher during week you can also apply mask for 20-30 minutes and then rinse off.     


 BLOOM NIGHT SERUM sample = Apply few drop of Bloom Night Serum (made with retinol + peptides to hydrate skin + smooth fine lines). Can be used after Vitamin Face Serum or Rose face Oil                

 The items in our Routine packages are half the size of regular individual sizes.