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papaya face glow. natural daily face scrub with eco-friendly microbeads.

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100% natural daily face scrub. Hydrating. Exfoliating. Made with papaya extract, avocado seeds, grapeseed oil and salicylic acid. Cleans and exfoliates skin AND hydrates unlike any other scrub. Salicylic acid added to open clogged pores and fight acne. Gentle enough to use everyday. Most face scrubs are made with harmful non biodegradable micro-beads that hurt marine life. Our scrub is made with 100% natural eco-friendly exfoliants.

Ingredients: Papaya extract, ground avocado seeds, grapeseed oil, natural soap, salicylic acid, leucidal, green tea extract, honey, wild oat protein, lavender oil. 

Why I created this product: Having combination skin I needed a exfoliating daily face scrub but found most natural face scrubs were too harsh and dry for my skin. Other non-organic scrubs contained harmful micro-beads that were eventually ingested by marine life. I wanted to create a product that was healthy for my skin and supportive of our environment.    

 DIRECTIONS: Apply tablespoon of scrub onto face (can also be used for body) and gently exfoliate morning and night.  Scrub should last about 3-4 months but can be kept in fridge to extend life.  In very humid climates shelf life can be 2-3 months. 

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