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  • NEW! FIRMING BOOSTER! Firms, increases collagen, lessens fine line + wrinkles Sweetwater Labs
  • NEW! FIRMING BOOSTER! Firms, increases collagen, lessens fine line + wrinkles Sweetwater Labs
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NEW! FIRMING BOOSTER! Firms, increases collagen, lessens fine line + wrinkles

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Firming Booster is an incredible mix of the most potent anti-aging ingredients to increase collagen production, firm skin, hydrate + lessen the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles, Add to your favorite serum, moisturizer or face oil. 

*Sea Kelp (the MAIN ingredient in La Mer's product line) which is packed with 100 nutrients = increases collagen production, protects from UV rays, keeps skin hydrated, stimulated faster healing (great for eczema etc) 

*Retinol= increases cellular renewal, exfoliates skin, increases collagen production + reduces appearance of fine lines + wrinkles. Helps give skin a fresher, plumper appearance.

*Peptides= Helps repair + restucture damaged skin. Restores elasticity + collagen. 

*Vegetable Squalane= Anti-inflammatory, softens skin textire. With regular use helps skin produce more collagen

*Prickly Pear Oil= Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial + is an antioxidant. Promotes collagen production  + faster cell turnover + promotes skin elastcity.

DIRECTIONS= Just mix a fingertip full of firming booster to your favorite serum, face oil, moisturizer and apply at night. For oily skin can just apply alone (without mixing with other moisturizers). Best to use at night as formula contains a high level of retinol which helps exfoliates top layer of dull skin but may increase sun sensitivity during day. One jar = 6 month supply.      

Warning = People should not use retinol if they have fish allergies. It is advisable to test small patch of skin if you have sensitivity to retinol. 

WHY we created this product = We having been working on this formula for years. All the ingredients in this formula promote collagen production. I have been a big supporter of + witness to the amazing impact of sea kelp on skin and think it's one of the most amazing ingredients out there. I have personally seen the "11s" or the lines start to form between the brows over the years diminish with the help of Sea Kelp/Seaweed. This sea kelp has been blended with the right amount of retinol (a well known anti-aging ingredient) which in itself is a popwerful combo..then we added peptides, squalane + prickly pear oil. You end up with the most incredible anti-aging + collagen boosting formula. Just add to your favorite serum/moisturizer/face oil! Your skin will feel amazing. 

Ingredients: Lactobacillus/Nereocystis luetkeana Ferment Filtrate (sea kelp), Retinol, Squalane (derived from olives) + Prickly Pear Oil.   


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