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  • Energy Stone Long Flower Drop Earrings (various stone options) - Sweetwater Labs
  • Energy Stone Long Flower Drop Earrings (various stone options) - Sweetwater Labs
  • Energy Stone Long Flower Drop Earrings (various stone options) - Sweetwater Labs
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Energy Stone Long Flower Drop Earrings (various stone options)

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Beautiful Floral Drop earrings with energy stones!

*Material: Brass covered in silver and gold with energy stones
*Length: 2 1/8 inches
*Earring post: hypoallergenic     

Amazonite (mixed blue-green): Soothing stone. Can helps calm brain + nervous system. Soothes emotional trauma, worry + fear.

Amethyst (purple/mixed purple): Meditative + calming stone to promote balance, peace and connection to intuition (third eye) + higher self.

Aquamarine (mixed shades of blue + white): Embodies connection to ocean+ water. A soothing stone that helps wearer to let go. Also considered stone of youth + happiness.

Black Onyx: Powerful warrior stone. Helps stomp out negative energy + thought patterns. Good gemstone for dealing with phobias + facing fears.

Citrine (yellow): Wealth, prosperity + success stone. Helps raise self -esteem + confidence. Promotes motivation, creativity + self-expression.

Mystic Agate (gray): Balancing stone. Harmonizes yin + yang to bring emotional, physical + intellectual balance. Brings clarity + calmness to crazy/busy day + environment.

Hematite: Absorbs toxic emotions holding you back from your natural state of joy. Clears away negative feelings of stress, anxiety + worry. Helps enhance confidence + strength during times of turmoil.

Howlite (white + grey): Wisdom + enlightenment stone + links to spiritual consciousness. Gives strength to let go of unhealthy attachments + old emotional pains + anger. Slows overactive mind for better sleep. Another calming stone.

Jade (light green): Luck + friendship + serenity stone. Helps stabilize the mind, release emotional release + irritability. Encourages you to become who are really are.

Kyanite (dark blue): One of two main cleansing stones. Helps align + balance all chakras. Helps remove energy blocks.

Moonstone (white/milky): Master inner healer + protection + renewal. Brings soothing, healing and calm energy to regain your power and inner balance. Helps gain insight on how you may be mistreating your personal energy.

Rose Quartz (pink): Universal love stone. Helps restore harmony in relationships + attract love + encourages unconditional love. Helps open up heart promote inner healing + peace. Rose quartz + turquoise is excellent for depression. 

Turquoise (sea blue): Protection stone. Dispel negative energy + can be worn to protect against outside influences + pollutants. Warriors wore stone into battle. Helps with exhaustion + panic attacks.

Smoky quartz (hazy brown): An excellent grounding stone. Stone disperses fear, lifts depression and negativity, brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety.