"Bug Off" 3-Pack. 100% Natural Bug Repellent. No Deet. Repels mosquitoes + ticks. Great smell

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*If you forget to apply, we have you covered = amazing for ANTI-ITCH RELIEF from bites or other irritations!

*Great gift for anyone = for vacations, pool parties, barbecues, sports, hiking, and fishing trips!

*Works extremely well, and healthy for skin

*Safe and perfect for kids + pets too

*Repels mosquitoes and ticks

*Great scent, and not oily

***You get THREE SIZES: 4 oz / 118 mL,  2 oz / 59 mL,  1 oz / 30 mL

Ingredients: Witch hazel, rose geranium + lemon eucalyptus, + tea tree oils, glycerin, xanthum gum. 

Directions: Rub onto skin after spraying. SHAKE WELL before each application. Reapply about every 90 minutes.      

Why I created this bug spray: I am this person: whenever I'm outdoors in a warm climate I not only always get bug bites but get the worst of it! I can be in a room with the windows open get 10 bites while person sitting next to me gets zero. Not normal bites; they would become welts that lasted for days or weeks and kept me up at nights. I tried Deet and felt like I was doused in chemicals and it's hard to wash off. Skin So Soft brand = too oily. Citronella = did not work. My search for the most effective formula of natural ingredients so I can enjoy being outdoors / on vacation without suffering resulted in this Bug Off and my skin is SO much happier :)

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