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"Pamper Her" includes beautiful gift packaging and, if you'd like, a hand-written, customized card with whatever you want it to say just let us know :)

1. Vitamin Face Serum (.5 oz/ 15 mL): Our best Seller!

Powerful, all-natural vitamins and antioxidants will make your skin much healthier and glowing. It's anti-aging, plumps fine lines and wrinkles. Noticeable difference in a matter of days!

2. Rose Face Oil (.5 oz/ 15 mL): A very close 2nd, our second top seller!

Incredible results and glowing skin. Fights fine lines and wrinkles and minimizes scars. Great for all skin types - mattifies oily skin and hydrates dry skin. You will glow!

3. Sage & Citrus Candle (4 oz/ 118 mL): 

Amazing scent, beautiful look (as seen in photo), burns 2-3 times as long as a regular candleNon-toxic, non-GMO, soy, made with 100% essential oils. Notes of White Sage, Grapefruit, Vanilla Bean.

4. 2-Sided Goat's Milk & Vitamin E Soap With Loofah (4 oz/ 118 mL):

Ultra hydrating & smooth, antibacterial, really great for your skin. Loofah side for exfoliating, the other side is super smooth for softer areas. The natural loofah removes dry, dead skin and promotes circulation. Your skin will feel so good and be softer (not oily). You will LOVE the scents!

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5. Ultra Smooth Goat's Milk & Vitamin E Soap (4 oz/ 118 mL):

Ultra hydrating & smooth, antibacterial, really great for your skin. Super smooth and nourishing for all skin types. Your skin will feel so good and be softer (not oily). You will LOVE the scents!

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6. Undereye Remedy (.5 oz/ 15 mL): 

Reduces dark circles and puffiness, soften lines under your eyes and around them (crow's feet). Gentle, hydrating, and very nourishing for your skin. One of our most requested & popular products.

7. All-Natural Hand Sanitizer (1 oz/ 30 mL): 

High pure alcohol content (85%) for strong efficacy. NON-DRYING, with natural botanical oils and organic aloe to hydrate your skin. Clean, light lavender scent. Perfect travel size!

8. Fleur Body Oil (2 oz/ 59 mL):

Beautiful style and scent! Rose geranium, Bulgarian rose and ylang ylang oils are excellent for hydrating and nourishing your skin. You skin will be soft and silky (not oily) with a light, fresh floral scent. Great for after shower or bath, and before bed. Your skin will be so happy.

9. Miracle Healing Salve (.5 oz/ 15 mL):

Fantastic for dry or cracked skin, for your lips, for eczema, sunburn, cuts/scrapes... seriously anywhere on your body. A little goes a long way. Perfect carry size.

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10. Essential Oil Roll-On Perfume (3.5 mL):

Wonderful scents and much better alternative to nearly all perfumes that have a lot of chemicals. Specially sourced, natural essential oils. With real flowers or herbs inside the bottle. One application goes a long way. Lasts all day!

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