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"It's Her Day!" includes beautiful gift packaging and, if you'd like, a hand-written, customized card with whatever you want it to say just let us know :)

1. Vitamin Face Serum (.5 oz / 15 mL): Our best Seller!

Powerful, all-natural vitamins and antioxidants will make your skin much healthier and glowing. It's anti-aging, plumps fine lines and wrinkles. Noticeable difference in days or sooner!

2. Rose Face Oil (.5 oz / 15 mL): A very close 2nd, our second top seller!

Incredible results and glowing skin. Fights fine lines and wrinkles and minimizes scars. Great for all skin types - mattifies oily skin and hydrates dry skin. You will glow!

3. Choice of either Pura Vida Hydrating Cleanser OR Revive Exfoliating Cleanser (each 2oz / 59 mL): 

A) Pura Vida: Amazing gentle herbal daily face cleanser will leave you with long-lasting hydration! Great for all skin types even the most sensitive.

B) Revive CleanserNatural glycolic acid face wash (2% glycolic acid formula) + salicylic daily cleanser will gently exfoliate WITHOUT irritating your skin. Made with tons of vitamins to keep your face, clear, glowing + healthy.

4. NEW! Pink Beach (4 oz / 118 mL):

This scrub takes care of all your exfoliating needs!  Sweeps away dead skin and you are left with hydrated, silky smooth skin with herbal extracts. Sugar to exfoliate, pink salt is antibacterial and helps detox skin and collagen promotes elasticity. 

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5. 2-Sided Goat's Milk & Vitamin E Soap With Loofah (4 oz/ 118 mL):

Ultra hydrating & smooth, antibacterial, really great for your skin. Loofah side for exfoliating, the other side is super smooth for softer areas. The natural loofah removes dry, dead skin and promotes circulation. Your skin will feel so good and be softer (not oily). You will LOVE the scents!

***Please choose your scent in the drop down menu***

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