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New! Brightening Face Soap. Lightens dark spots, acne scars + reduces visible sun damage (2-pack)

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This daily face soap contains powerful kojic acid + oatmeal + aloe. Kojic acid's primary benefit is to lighten visible sun damage, age spots or scars. In addition to skin brightening effects, kojic acid also contains antimicrobial properties. Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory + antioxidant properties while helping remove dead skin cells (which can clog pores). Aloe is packed with enzymes, vitamin A + C and is also anti-inflammatory. Altogether these ingredients combine to make an effective yet gentle daily face soap to help lighten + brighten + cleanse your skin without irritating your skin from harsh ingredients! Even great for sensitive skin! Each package contains 2 soaps.    

*Size: 4 oz/ 118 mL

Ingredients: Safflower oil, coconut oil, kojic acid, aloe, oatmeal, lavender essential oil, lye, distilled water. 

Directions: Cleanse face daily (gentle enough to use morning and night). Best to leave soap on face for few minutes then rinse off.  Best to use vitamin face serum, sunshine serum or rose face oil (for drier skin) after cleansing face with brightening face soap to keep skin hydrated. Usually you can see results after continuous use for 6-8 weeks.

Why I created this product: I have known that kojic acid can be a great + effective  ingredient to lighten dark spots but every other kojic acid face soap was too harsh and really irritated my skin! I combined kojic acid with non-irritating natural healing ingredients for a perfect balance of brightening + nourishing face soap!