Sequoia Spice Soy Candle. Wood wick. Made with herbs + essential oils. AMAZING SMELL!

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Sequoia Spice : Notes of cinnamon, ginger and  pinon.

*Non-toxic, non-gmo, hand poured 100% soy wax candles. 

*Each scent will feature different herbs and flowers embedded in the candle.

*Made with wooden wicks which give a clean, non-toxic burn without paraffin coating or metals as cotton wicks sometimes contain. They are self-trimming and have a little crackle sound when it burns. 

*Each tin hold about 3.5 oz/ 103 mL of wax and burns for approximately 15-20 hours.

*Wood wicks have a much lower flame and burn slower than cotton or paper wicks, giving you a longer candle life. Non-gmo soy wax gives you a safe, clean candle for your home.

Warnings: Do not extinguish candle with the lid because the lid will melt. Do not continue burning once wooden wick burns to the bottom of the safety wick tab. 1/2 inch - 1/4 inch of wax will remain in the bottom of the candle - this is normal. Continuing to try to burn past this point could be a fire hazard.