Overnight Magic Tricks...My experience

I wanted to highlight these overnight products that have completely transformed my skin. As most of you know I started Sweetwater Labs after years dealing with redness + irritation from various skincare brands including high end brands. The only regime that worked for me was Neutrogena but even those "dermatologist tested" products I continued to battle regular rosacea. This started me on my path for alternative skincare products based on natural ingredients. 
I wanted to highlight three products I use regularly + also wanted to include my skincare regimen. Just for reference I have combination skin.  
1) Glycolic rosewater Mask. For a quick "refresh" to skin you can use the mask for 20-30 minutes and then rinse off. The GAME CHANGER for me was leaving a thin layer of the Glycolic Rosewater Mask overnight. The formula is extremely gentle (initially you feel a slight tingle on skin which eventually subsides). The next morning my skin felt like new skin. I have put on this mask a couple of  the 1st wk and my skin felt and looked so smooth. Be sure to put on decent amount of moisturizer afterwards as new skin is coming through (for me I used combo of vitamin serum + rose face oil. Some may need just the vitamin serum but for me I needed more hydration after rinsing off/ washing me face).  
       A) I also have been using the glycolic face scrub once a day.. We just added a lot more jojoba beads to formula which left my face smoother + cleaner. To note this is not as hydrating as the Pura Vida Cleanser or even the regular REVIVE face cleanser so I make sure to moisturize (ie rose oil) after washing. I switch off morning face wash Pura Vida or Revive depending on weather and then glycolic face scrub wash at night. For those with drier skin you can also alternate with the Papaya Face Glow Scrub.     
2) Detox Clay mask. I never go anywhere without even just a little jar of this clay mask. This (at least for me) is a miracle breakout zapper. Anytime I have any sort of possible breakout happening I spot treat the areas and leave overnight. The next day it has usually subsided dramatically and in a couple of days its gone before it even was able to form. This has worked better for me than anything I had previously got from a dermatologist, anything over the counter. Really anything. Once a week or every two week full face treatment is great too to maintain clear skin but I mainly use the mask for spot treatment. 
3) Bloom Overnight Serum=  I have been looking for a retinol serum for years. All have made my skin a bit red, bit raw and irritated. But I know retinol (which is a basically concentrated vitamin A) softens wrinkles + renews skin. So we added peptides + orchid stem cells to balance out any irritation. I felt the next morning I used Bloom Night Serum my skin noticeably softer. This serum is not heavy or oily. Serum is just simple + effective. 
If you have ANY skincare questions or questions on what regime works for you then please email me nadia@sweetwaterlabsnyc.com. I have been exactly where you are when looking for the right products.